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Free Downloads
On this page you'll find all of the free utilities and other freebies from Smackwell Games.

Biff's Dice Roller - A Utility by Kevin Glass created for Dungeon Crawl. It allows you to type in different character names, their Attack and Defend Dice (or any other roll they'll need to make), and you can then roll those dice. The program will show you the actual die results, as well as how many successes you rolled.

Biff's Deck Viewer - Another utility created by Kevin Glass. This is a virtual card deck, where you can load a premade (or make your own) deck of cards and draw random cards from it (and reshuffle when you want to).

Current Treasure Deck - This is the most recent version of the Treasure Deck. (As of this writing, it's VERY OLD) During playtesting, official changes will be made to the deck to balance things out a bit, so you can download these changes to update your Treasure Decks. Updated 3-22-06

Current Dungeon Lord Deck - Like the deck above, this will receive periodic changes if they need to be made, and you can get yours here. (Obviously not made yet!)